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Well the mage game went badly. Really badly. Had one player hold the game up for half of it whilst he unexpectedly convinced the other PCs to bend over and screw them and the game over. Not having eaten much on Friday meant I was tired, cranky and very hungry which didn't help when the rules lawyers started back chatting either. All in all, I think the game is pretty much finished.

Today was pretty much a non-event until the evening. Failed utterly to get any deckshoes for Tuesday again. If only I could get out of going on the stupid sailing trip. Maybe I can catch some kind of illness or something. Spent the evening playing Junta and got dumped on from an early start. Better than staying in I guess.


Maybe looking at photos will get your minds off things. PVC Babes will be posted tomorrow, just to let you wait for a little bit longer. ;o)
*sends squishy hugs*

How am I ever going to learn the rules, if you keep telling me what you think they are? Especially as you're not always right. You were wrong about whether Spirit magic can affect those in Twilight, for example. It can. It just can't affect ghosts.

And ultimately, as the ST and I should be the one saying what things do and how things work.

Hmmm...OK. I'm not entirely sure it can be fixed, but I should at least try. I'll prod you via email.

This conversation of snipey snidey comments isnt for here

Ill do this in person next time I see you
ouchies! but hey IFIS Tues :)