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Well that last poll was a bit of a waste of time. My life is all dull and ordinary and I don't have any wild rumours being spread about me. And hardly anyone could be bothered to make up stuff either. Only silly bit was a couple of people who thought I was having lots of sex, but was still single. Don't see how that could work.


OF COURSE that works - just means you are having a lot of flings and random one night type things :)

I'd have thought that'd be the next option down - sporadically dating?

nah one night stands means you pick em up in a night club or bar sleep with them and never see them again. no dating involved.
or you could be selling your body for extra cash to buy new dvds. again no dating involved ;-)
ummm its very easy to be having lots of sex and be single .... err isn't that what I did through University.

Wouldn't advise it tho.

And trust me its far better to have a dull and ordinary life than a unstable flighty one.....

I don't think having a dull life is good. I was watching a program on telly that said that humans are happiest when they have a life that is involving and engaging. Most the time my life is definitely neither of those.

get into plot then ;)

thats exciting and engaging :)

Not always. Even UA which I love and adore has plot that is just passing me by.