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Well that's another episode of Cthuhlu vanquished. Although in some ways I feel like it was a bit of a non-event, because I missed all the hideous amounts of sanity lose, by simple virtue of having a character who was very huge in size and thus was left outside guarding the party kit because they thought he might be rumbled at what turned out to be the crucial point. Oh well, I got to giggle at their misfortunes and not go insane myself.



???? :) How are you?

I'm good. You? I guess you must be back by now as well? :)

ooh and look at the funky pic I found of K9 :)
I guess the easiest way to prove your identity, is to have you demonstrate it on somewhere I know you are you. Which I guess would be LJ. If you post a "Yes, I'm me" comment on my LJ (I'm themadone if you didn't realise) and that'll confirm that you're you.

And then I can change your email address and send you a new password.

Just replying to this Email to say "Yes, I'm me."

I figured you were you, but had to check. You should have an email flying across the ether with a new password.

Thanking you.