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That has to be one of the most random weekends I've ever had. Saturday - where on earth did that weather spring (teehee) out from? The scorching hot sunshine took me completely by surprise when I went for a bimble shopping. Meant the flat was too hot when I got home too, which I guess is probably good for my cactii though, but not for me.

And then Sunday the weather returned for normal - traditional British national holiday weather - and it was rainy. Which wouldn't have been so bad, if I didn't have an ardeous journey to play Awakening. Stupid rail replacement service. But...if I hadn't gotten back as late as I did, I'd have not randomly bumped in to gmplatypus. She's back a week early for a couple of nights cos there are some training courses she has to do in the area.

Figuring it'd be a bit sucky heading up to Brunel and spending the evening staring at 4 walls, I suggested she come over and watch a DVD. Which was an interesting situation - putting someone who has seen hardly any films in front of a DVD collection as large as mine and asking what she wanted to watch. Tried initially making a list of films, but it became apparent we'd end up with another shorter, but still really long list. So I randomly plucked something out of the air - The Terminator. Which went down well, although I've discovered she gets grossed out by cyborgs cutting themselves up.

Awakening was interesting. I was inserted into the intenstinal tract of a giant bug to help lay a bomb. It was all very Evolution meets Starship Troopers. Think the character is starting to gel in my head too. Now just need to hope the game gets sanctioned soon so I can go visit other games.

Tags: geekery, mage, movies, rpg, update
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