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Ow! I've eaten too much. Tummy hurts. *tries to garner sympathy*


Thinking about sympathy!!

The answer is no, if I have to give up KFC I have no sympathy!

Derek :P
hmmmm, the possible uses of a sympathetic connection to the ST, hmmmmmm
Sorry to hear it man, I hate it when it happens to me.

The local greasyspoon does really large fryups *sobs*

Oh no, high saturated fat bloats can be the worst. I do sympathise dude, truely.

But I bet you would still have room for a cherry bakewell. ;)

Well that was part of the problem. They sold Tiffin as well. So I bought a slab of that. And couldn't wait until afternoon tea to have it then.

I hear ya buddy, I hear you.

Nothing but sympathy.

*smothers you in sympathy* :P
*hugs* Oh dear. ^_^
I sympathise. i have been eating far too much for lunch today as well, but my mum made such a lovely lunch...
Have a dragonkiller or something else for your stomach. That should make it feel a lot better. ^-^