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Finally got around to seeing The Island last night. I was surprised to see the guy that plays Neelix in it. Think he looks much better with the makeup on. Very enjoyable film if a little predictable. But the basic premise of the film doesn't really allow much scope for adding plot twists.

I also had a really interesting idea for a new project. Some kind of interactive artwork that "mutates" whenever someone new looks at it. And depending on who looks at it, it mutates differently. Except I can't think of what it should be. I'm thinking some kind of alife that grows or changes. Will need to give it some more thought.

ION: Yay! Pub tonight. Although majic13 won't be there this week either and if last week is anything to go by, his lack presence makes the pub very empty and quiet :( :)

Tags: geekery, humour, movies, pub
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