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So far things have been pretty good since I last posted. I suspect things are unlikely to get worse in the short time whilst I write this entry though :)

I saw V for Vendetta last night which was a mighty film (OMG! That outfit! :D). And I had icecream too. I wonder why they don't sell rum'n'raisin icecream in stores? Today my latest order from Amazon arrived. I now have volume 6 of SG-1 to make up for the copy that had the wrong disc in it. And I got the Road of Kings book for Dark Ages too on a whim.

Tonight will no doubt be fun as it's pub night and I will see lots of shiny people I've not seen in the past couple of days. And since I'm not on call now I can drink too. w00t. Although not too much as there's plenty of drinking planned for the weekend too.

Tags: movies, update
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