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I went on my (not as frequent as they used to be) frequent spending sprees on Saturday. Many shinies were bought. Watched some Aeon Flux. Not really convinced by it. Played Dark Ages. Didn't get to kill Tremere. Was lazy at Fight Club. Ate much cake. Watched GITS: Innocence. Think I prefered the first one or GITS: SAC. Also watched Howls Moving Castle which was mighty and left me in a very soppy mood.

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Azumanga Daioh? That's not creepy and wrong, it's lovely! However, the current showings of Cowboy Bebop and GITS:SAC would both count as sci-fi in my book.

I've no idea what it was called. It came up as an example to prove that Anime isn't just sci-fi or fantasy. Because I was having a discussion with the committee about why the Anime society formed. A few years back, IFIS used to show Anime, you see. Admittedly just sci-fi and fantasy Anime - GITS, Akira - stuff like that. It's how I got into Anime originally.

But a couple of years back, the IFIS committee at the time were really only into Harry Potter or things with Alan Rickman in and didn't want to show any Anime. So some disgruntled Anime lovers went off and formed a new society.

GITS:SAC is great sci-fi - I love it a lot, despite having seen only a couple of episodes. But it's a bit of a grey area. Which society should show sci-fi anime like GITS:SAC? Currently we let Anime because it is purely Anima/Manga in origin. If someone made Stargate or LotR into Anime/Manga, then I'd imagine that IFIS would show it.

Ideally though, the two societies should work together, but that's never been rarely been possible due to personality conflicts. Maybe this next year will be different?

Your LJ ate my reply.

I was saying that I doubt whether there will be harmony between the two groups, partially owing to the different cultural aspects of the two societies. Sci-fi and Anime are primarily Western, whilst anime is Japanese, and this, along with media, may explain why the two worlds are so seperate. Nonetheless, whilst films like The Matrix are considered sci-fi, they in turn borrow heavily from the classic original GITS, itself an anime.

Star Wars is not anime, and Azumanga Daoih is not sci-fi. The genres blur, but they are quite distinct.

But if they don't work together, what should happen with the films that do fit into both genres? Where is the line drawn between a film being sci-fi (or fantasy) and it being anime?

IFIS has shown GITS in the past, but I'd imagine A&M would have a fit if they showed it now. But what about something like Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. It's only tenuous link to anime is that the name is from a well known anime game series. I can't really imagine A&M even wanting to show this cos of it's overtly western style?

And more controversial will be Earthsea which is based on a famous series of fantasy books, but is being done as an anime. This one is a real kicker cos it's clearly IFIS material - we even have the books in the library - but the medium is anime. I can see real arguements springing up over this one.

I've read supposed theories of why The Matrix is based on GITS, but they seemed very flimsy and circumstantial. If you take random scenes from a lot of films you can find similiar ones in other films.