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That went surprisingly well. Low turn out and no PC fatalities, but I got to harsh folk with paradox and I had the cutest darn plot ever :D

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It was nice to finally meet you in person today!

Are you thinking of joining for future sword waving sessions? Or was it a random one off? I'm surprised I've not seen you at IFIS or GameSoc given your interests.

I'm hardly the sort of person who could wave a sword around, I'm afraid.
I showed up to see what actually happened, and as I knew a fair few people there.

IFIS...considered it, but I'm not sure if I'm knowledgable enough for it...

GameSoc...I haven't had the time or money to play games much over the past few years. My video game expertise lies mainly from late 8-bit to late 32-bit.

I'm in Anime, though.

You need to be knowledgable to join IFIS? That's a new one on me. Just having a love of all things sci-fi and/or fantasy is usually enough.

And GameSoc does do more than console/PC gaming, although that has become a large component of the monday sessions recently. Mostly though the Mondays are board/card games.

Hmmm...well, maybe...Amy goes, doesn't she?

The time/money clause applies to non-digitised games as well, I'm afraid.

Yes, gmplatypus shows up often. Mostly the film nights rather than the socials on Thursday, for obvious reasons.

Time is the only real issue. Don't need to buy games cos the Society has a large collection and other members bring along games too. Unless by money you're talking about the 5quid membership fee?

What do you think of the one and only Amy?

To be good at games, practice is required, and that means having games of your own. I doubt anyone could climb the Guilty Gear ladder if they had no fighting games to play in their own time.

I think our little bubbly bundle of giggles is great. Although giggling during films is distracting. One day someone will bring duct tape... :)

Why worry whether you're good at games? The reason for playing games with other people is the social interaction. Or at least with the boardgames that is how it is for me. I've yet to play any Guilty Gear because it looks to be like a button mashing game.