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Watched the first four episodes of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex last night. It is very very shiny. Not much else happening really I guess. Pub tonight though, which will be good. And tomorrow, I might actually get to run the first actual nuMage session.



I suspect the 2nd one will be out on DVD by the time I finish the 1st. Got far too much to watch :)


I forgot my DA downtime
Its mostly xp spend could u post the email address for me :)

I like DA STs theyre lovely
sent fnak yoo :D

see u on saturday

Well yeah. I've got all this other stuff, like Dark Ages or Unknown Armies games to go to instead ;)

Or to oggle the Major *sighs wistfully* Episode #4 reminded me so much of Mike.

Gah. I only watched it last night and I've got them mixed up in my head. Yes, I did in fact mean #3 :)