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Unfortunately had a different person run the elections and she wasn't half as good at it. Still, it went without a hitch and there was even a silly candidate for secretary who openly admitted he didn't want the position and would destroy the society if he got elected. This was with self nominations. And he got 3 votes. Not entirely sure what that says about some people within the society ;)

Had a few games of chess which was fun. I even won a couple of games too. And we managed to have a complete go at the Bean game, which I feel a bit guilty about for winning. Although it was close. The cards not being very well shuffled gave me an unfair advantage.

The rogue chess splinter group showed up after some of the committee went over to have words. Things seem to be getting worse. They're still holding a chess night that clashes with the main society night. They've started putting up posters advertising it as part of GameSoc. And judging by what I saw of the conversation from the otherside of the room, things between the two groups is definitely still hostile. Still...in the long term, the society will win as we'll be able to advertise officially next year and they won't. And they'll only be around at most another 2 years anyway.


whoo more votes to the bringer of destrution... whoo destruction and cake mmmm cake


so who was voted in? Going to enlighten us? And where are we for Ifis tonight, please? ALT1, 2 or 3? How do I find out where the SU puts us each week?

Re: GameSoc/Ifis

Mr. Squeaker got president as expected. Treasurer hasn't changed and Ms. Evil Shazza got secretary.

Unsurprisingly, we've got ALT2 this week. I'd imagine they have told us they've moved us to ALT2 for the rest of term. You'll have to put up a notice saying which room we're in on the doors as I don't think the email said where we were?

The spreadsheet is either on the MOTD or this forum. It gets put up on the Friday, so it's not particulary useful for advertising - should be doing that on the Wednesday if not earlier - but it's handy for waving at folk who try stealing our rooms :)

Damn those rogue chess players and their rebellious ways! >:O

So were they originally a bunch of Gamesoc people who split off, or what? I seem to recall there was a bunch of chess players who cohabited peacefully with Gamesoc when I was still a student. What happened there?

As far as I can tell, they've not been to GameSoc at all this year, prior to their visit last night. They just decided that they wanted to create their own society, but unlike the many previous attempts over the years, the SU slapped 'em down with a big NO and told them to play nicely with GameSoc. But so far they haven't.

I think those nice chess players you remember, went off and formed a Chess Soc shortly after you left cos the committee weren't mind readers and didn't organise any chess tournements. Of course they only lasted a year cos they didn't have enough members. Which is how it always happens.

This new bunch only has about 6-7 people in it, so even if they were a proper seperate society, they'd get deratified cos they'd not be able to hold an AGM/elections.

Aha. So they're expressing their annoyance at not being able to have their own club by generally being uncooperative with GameSoc? Meh.

Yup. They won't hand over their cash and join GameSoc, but they openly proclaim themselves to be part of GameSoc when it matters. Like when they're booking rooms, or putting up posters. So when they get in to trouble, GameSoc gets the blame. They've already got us a warning for leaving a room in a state. The posters they just put up didn't look like they'd been rubber stamped by the SU either.

Can you not give the S&M office a list of Official Gamesoc Members, so they only accept bookings from people on the list? Or is that crediting them with waaay too much competence?

And if the posters have Gamesoc's name on but aren't properly affiliated with Gamesoc, I'd say tear the fuckers down.

You're showing your age there. These days socities book rooms from the SU...which you'd think would know what are valid societies and who the committees are. According to the shiny spreadsheet the SU bookings person produces, they're down as Chess Soc now, so I guess not :)

I also can't condone such actions towards their posters...cos the SU has a team of people that'll take down dodgy posters anyway :)