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That was a pretty good weekend. Started off with booze, pizza and Kingdom of Heaven on Friday with the re-enactment lot. Saturday I wasted playing Fahrenheit which is an utterly mental game. The control system bugs me a tad, but in some ways it's a lot less taxing doing the action sequences than, say, the Silent Hill series.

Moving and looking around generally is pretty standard. It's when you interact with stuff that it gets a bit different. You have to swipe the right thumbstick in the right pattern to do stuff. Most of the time it's a straight left, right etc...but sometimes you have to wiggle the thumbpad up and down or go up and circle left/right when you're climbing.

And then there's the "action" scenes. It puts up two circles (one for each thumbstick) with 4 different colours representing the 4 different directions. And then it flashes up the colours and you have to move the thumbsticks in the right direction at the right time. Which usually relates to the on screen action.

Thinking about it, it reminds me a bit of the old Don Bluth games - Dragons Lair etc... Except that it tells you what move you're meant to do when. And missing out a colour isn't always bad. It just means you might miss out on something later. Like there's a bit where you and another character are about to be run down by a car. By the looks of it, some of the movements relate to you pushing the other guy out the way and the rest are for your dive to safety. If you don't push the other guy out the way, you don't "fail", but you then can't talk to him any more cos he's dead.

Playing the game meant I skipped out on food for most of the day, so I pigged out on pizza and watched The Chronicles of Riddick with darklittlefox. He is such a ninja - definitely looking forward to getting more of his films.

On Sunday I went to "fight club" and had a few bouts against gmplatypus, a few goes in the circle of treachery and then wussed out and watched. On the way back I bought Shadow of the Colossus too which occupied most of my afternoon. I don't think it's as immersive as Ico, but it's damn good fun trying to work out how to scrabble up the side of this mahoosive beastie so you can stick a sword in it's head.

I also watched Hercules in New York which is truely an awful film. So awful you have to watch it just to laugh at it. The fight scenes are a joke - especially the one where Arnie is fighting a (guy in a) bear (suit). And they've got most of the names wrong too. Most of the gods' names they used were the Roman versions despite them claiming to be greek.

Tonight should be interesting. It's the last elections for the year - GameSoc. It'll be interesting to see how it pans out and whether any of the renegade chess players show up and try to take over.

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