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Week is going well so far. I'm mildly confused and amused by my trip in to work these past couple of days. Every time I walk into Tescos, the security alarm goes off. When I leave, it doesn't. Even more amusingly, the staff have already spotted that it's happening as well. I can't see any obvious reason why one set of security sensors would pick me up and the others wouldn't. Going to try walking through in the other direction to see if it's only if I'm going in or whether it's just the same set of sensors.

EDIT: Well that was wierd. I guess they must have "fixed" the main entrance security sensors cos they went off when I walked in too. And then the other ones went off when I left as well. It's not surprising it was going off - the box had 3 tags on it in various places.

And for everyone on Sunday - I saw a milk float today :)

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Walk backwards?
Yeah, I saw a milk float today too. Haven't seen one in ages. Uncanny.

Exactly. I've not seen one in months either. I guess it's likely to be the same one, but I was arriving at work and you'd have long since caught the train?

They're pretty slow, so it might only have made it that far by then. :D

Have you checked your pockets

Ok, I'm not saying do you have stolen goods, however for a while whenever I walked into a certain video store the alarms went off. Eventually in my jacket after being checked several times over a few months I found a tiny screwed up, been through the wash foil security label from something I brought their before. Must have chucked it in their when I was opening the celophane.

Not sure why its only going off when you go in probably due to the sensitivity of the gate (alarm area). Have seen the same thing elswhere, that will be especially the cse if its picking up something weak. The one that is meant for going out will be angled with magnetic area in a slightly diffenerent place to the other one. It may end up being set up as whatever is setting it off is where a bag would be if you were going through it the other way. Likewise the other one will be meant for people carry bags and if its not in a normal place for such items it may be missing it.

Hope things are going well for you anyhow.

Re: Have you checked your pockets

Oh I know what the likely culprit is - I've got a DVD I bought waaaaaaaaay back at the MVC closing down sales and I'm slack and haven't opened it yet. I'm just confused by the randomness of only half the exits alarming :)

The exit that alarms is the one for the carpark. The main entrance doesn't alarm. The DVDs are right by the main entrance so I'd have expected that to be the one people try and make a runner out of.

I think when I get home I shall make sure it's out of the wrapping and sans security tabs. Might even watch it...not sure I'm in the mood for Q the winged serpent.

Tracking you

See its the goverment tracking you :P


You carry it around with you everyday??? do you take it on Picnics too (lol)

Re: ?????

No, it's only been the last couple of days I've had it in my bag? Got a fair selection in there, but the rest have already been opened.

And for everyone on Sunday - I saw a milk float today :)

are you sure it wasn't a tank?

Teehee. It was hard to tell. It was moving at a fair old pace.