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To bold go where...

Well this is the first entry. I've no idea what I'm going to write, or in fact why I should even bother, but here I am, typing away and out is spewing all manner of things that vaguely resemble words.
Well I guess if this is some kind of diary I should at least go with what happened in the day (well yesterday).
Work was average - dull with nothing much to do. Evil customers phoned a couple of times to ask me stuff which is nothing to do with me. Oh and I had a midafternoon nap - apparently my office mates took pictures for the previous day's nap.
After work was better. I vacuumed my flat, went out for some food and then headed to the pub. Pub was ok, not excessive numbers of people there, but it wasn't quiet. Me and Lizz went back to Linette's place to admire her new computer desk which was definitely the highlight of the day as we spent the rest of the evening chatting. Hopefully the first of many such evenings at Linette's.
Lizz also suggested I start one of this journal things so here I am.