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Good day/Bad day

Today has been a mixture of good and bad.

Firstly, I discovered not one, but two places that are selling diet cherry coke! w00t! And both of them are places I frequent often too. Tescos is going to be my primary supplier, but also the little shop near the social hall also had a bottle too (before I bought it - muahahaha).

I also got to watch some of the Evolution cartoon which was as good as expected :)

Then there was the Dark Ages game. Which was typically frustrating and not much fun. Got harshed as per usual, but this time for not knowing the setting OOC. Maybe it'd be easier to just quit and start with a noob or something.

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email me and we talk about DA.

Seff - The internet surfing medieval monk.

I know - I haven't forgotten. Just need to work out how to phrase it correctly :)

(And yes, STs - I am including you in on it ;)

What would have made the last game more fun, was knowing the Dark Ages setting enough so that I didn't blunder straight into saying something that made it sound like I was heretic who should be spanked lots. And that isn't something that is easily fixed.

But if I started a new character, he could learn it IC...although that does require some teaching to actually happen and for it to not be fudged over as "you go read the book a bit". Cos I don't have the book and that ain't likely to change any time soon with it costing over 60quid.

Oooh! I was looking everywhere for a PDF copy and failed to find one. That will make my life so much easier - especially when it comes to spending XP too :)

Whilst not ideal, I think I can read PDFs on my gizmo too.