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w00t! My 4 DVD cases have arrived. Seperately. Amazon seem to have an aversion to shipping things in one container these days. Now all I need is some free time to put all the discs in the cases.

Oh and they've shipped the new Mage: The Shiny books too! Uberw00t!


I guess it makes it easier (and cheaper) for them.
When I ordered 10 photographic prints from dlab7.com a few weeks ago, they arrived in two(!) sturdy cardboard tubes which had been sent separately and I only paid 45p for p&p. The tubes alone are probably worth more than that.
I'm interested to see how many I get when I finally have all the photos ready I want to get printed (probably close to 100 as that will include multiple copies of each).

Could be. I did go for free shipping so have no idea how much it'd cost.

I would assume that big companies get a huge postage discount for bulk deliveries.

Just as an example, I ordered a photo book of the recent wedding photos from photobox.co.uk. p&p was £1.50 for first class via Royal Mail.
When it arrived, I carefully opened the packaging, took out the invoice and checked the book for quality, packed it back up and took it to the post office. It cost me £2.15 for first class and that didn't include package material.