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w00t! My 4 DVD cases have arrived. Seperately. Amazon seem to have an aversion to shipping things in one container these days. Now all I need is some free time to put all the discs in the cases.

Oh and they've shipped the new Mage: The Shiny books too! Uberw00t!


I guess it makes it easier (and cheaper) for them.
When I ordered 10 photographic prints from dlab7.com a few weeks ago, they arrived in two(!) sturdy cardboard tubes which had been sent separately and I only paid 45p for p&p. The tubes alone are probably worth more than that.
I'm interested to see how many I get when I finally have all the photos ready I want to get printed (probably close to 100 as that will include multiple copies of each).

Could be. I did go for free shipping so have no idea how much it'd cost.

I would assume that big companies get a huge postage discount for bulk deliveries.

Just as an example, I ordered a photo book of the recent wedding photos from photobox.co.uk. p&p was £1.50 for first class via Royal Mail.
When it arrived, I carefully opened the packaging, took out the invoice and checked the book for quality, packed it back up and took it to the post office. It cost me £2.15 for first class and that didn't include package material.

Little Secret

The more you post the cheaper it becomes, since Amazaon are probably only paying something like 25p an item for example. However the volumes you are talking about is in the millions. Since I know one customer was only paying 8p for first class items.

Derek :)