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Almost got the chance to work from home today. Big Boss dude sent out an email telling everyone to stay at home cos of freezing rain...in our head office in Canada. It just happened to be raining over here too. Probably not freezing as such, but it was pretty cold.

In other news I have switched utility providers. Southern Electric came around to convince me to switch to them under the guise that they'd heard that some customers had been billed incorrectly. By pure chance they happened to find the one person that this was the case. Although you have to wonder since it's them that read the meters if they didn't organise the bill screw up in the first place. Anyhow. Being uber lazy it took him hardly any effort to convince me to switch.

And he even read my gas meter too which is the first time in over a year it's been looked at. Scottish Power believe my gas meter to read ~3500 when in actual fact it's ~2000. At best guess based on the last bill they owe me about £1000. w00t! That'll help fund my DVD addiction a lot.

Speaking of DVDs, I've finally gotten around to watching The Pacifier. Which was a lot better than people might have expected. Vin Diesel was very good at shouting at small kids and kicking evil ninja butt! No sign of him playing D&D though. I wonder what the kids reactions to him playing were. I wonder if he forced them to play like Dame Judi

Also Tescos are selling DVDs for under a quid. Looks like utter cheese mostly though - only had a brief chance to look on the way to work. I shall have to have better look tomorrow or something.


Scottish Power are poo, and I was stuck with them for years :( Woot for free money though :D Yay.

The Pacifier is cool, I really enjoyed it in a "Guilty pleasure" kinda way. I also want Van Deisel to wander round my house in only a towel *le sigh*

And don't knock cheesey sales, there is always treasure. We could be DVD Pirates, in a good way.

It's not free money - it's money I already paid them where they over charged me. I should probably try and see if they'll pay it back with interest as it's so much.

You can keep half nekkid Vin Diesel all to yourself. I'd rather have Jolie in a towel *yums*.

And I'm definitely not knocking cheap DVDs. I've already got two that happened to be at the front. If I wasn't in a hurry and late to work I'd have had a proper look and got loads no doubt :D