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Gah! Scottish Power suck so much they rival my Dyson vacuum cleaner. They finally sort out my bill so that I just get one bit of paper with the gas and electric on and they've some how managed to completely screw up what rate my electric should be. Instead of that Day/Night dual rate, I'm being charged full rate for both. So I call them up and they promise to send me a new bill. Instead I get a letter from their debt collection agency chasing me for the money, FFS.

Having just phoned them I seem to have gotten a call monkey with a brain this time as it only took a second attempt to explain that I've got a dual bill with a dual rate electricity meter. Previous time the call monkey must have given the brain to some other call monkey cos it took many many attempts. Should have realised that would mean it'd not get sorted.

So. Once they sort out this fuckup, I think I'm going to transfer to someone vaguely competent. Anyone got any suggestions? Preferably someone who I can pay over the internet.


well powergen have the same braindead monkeys I'm afraid, and the hassle to switch from seeboard was very painful. I'm not inclined to do it again, as I'd just get another braindead monkey.

Sorry. I don't think it could be much better with anyone else.
I am just in the process of transferring to a new (for me) green electricity supplier Ecotricity. They claim they will build more windmills as they gain new customers. I can't say if they are going to be competent or not, as the process is not yet complete. I have given them a meter reading via phone, and the person I spoke to appeared at least to have a brain and speak English. Their prices seem to vary round the country, rather than the flat "subsidised" rate that Npower charge, which keeps on going up and up as *gas& gets pricier.

ATM they are cheaper. Wind is (undeneath all the distorting subsisdies etc) presumably not going to get scarcer/more expensive, and never going to run out, whereas gas and electricity generated from gas /oil sure is problematical and in short supply... Nuclear is controversial. Maybe we need it, but lets have as much windpower as we can manage- and real jobs putting them round the place. The one in Reading sure look a sight for sore eyes, in comparism with the Mc**** and industrial units around. There is plenty of room round there to build a good few more.

Uh, so thats my tired long ranty sales pitch.