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Tescos Value...digital camera

Tescos are selling a 5 megapixel digital camera for £40. It's got a shite zoom, but I figure given how small and light it is, it'd be perfect for taking to parties where I don't want to lug around something big and heavy like my decent digital camera.


No idea what that is.

Wasn't planning on going tonight as I'm meant to be going out for a meal with my mum. Except I'm crap and haven't confirmed it's tonight yet. And even if it isn't, I'm expecting to be working late (ie past 7pm) anyway.

Assuming I can't/don't turn up - make sure everyone ...well all the members... got an email about their account on the website. If they didn't they're probably not on the email lists either cos that is where I got the list of members from.

bizarre! is it in a blue and white stripy box like the other value stuff? :)

In other news, thought this might be of vague interest... O_o

Nah, I'm being slightly tongue in cheek. It's not Tescos branded - it's just stupidly cheap.

I've read about the court case. *shrug* Goes right over my head :)