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I think someone (or thing) is trying to tell me something. Don't have a venue for the Mage game again this Friday. So that's another month I'm going to have to cancel.

GameSoc was a bit blah tonight. We started a Diablio 2 campaign. It (or maybe I) sucked. We all ran out into the first area and started laying waste to all in our path. Next minute I know, everyone else has completed the first quest. By the time I work out where they all are, they've completed the second. And so on. For the entire first act. Unsurprisingly, I'd gained half the number of levels they had and kept getting killed by anything I encountered on the next act.

On the plus side, I'm allowed to catch up during the "downtime" to the same level as everyone else. Which as I'm not going to be able to make the next game, is going to be quite high I'd imagine. I'm going to see how feasible it is to gain levels in my greatly screwed up position or whether it'd be easier to just start from scratch. If I don't manage to keep up in the next session I'm at, I'm going to give up I think.

ION hot chocolate is yummy. Especially on cold nights like this.

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my neurons think hot chocolate must have been a gift from Bast when she was in a particulary good mood because it is so warm and munchy-filling-chocolatey =)
*wants hot chocolate now, damn*


To be honest, sounds like they were dreadful group members..

Sort of...

It was mostly a lack of communication at the start about what we were going to be doing. See, the way I've been playing the game by myself, is to go around each map clearing all the monsters, collecting all the loot and selling it back at town. They were just racing from one quest to another and solving them as quickly as possible.

But they did at least try and fix the problem once they noticed there was one. Although that was just by making sure I was following the party so that I'd get more XP and they could make sure I didn't get killed.

Since when do gamesoc do diablo II? Don't you need a network for that...or is it just on the internet at a certain time?

Er...since last night. Yes you do need a network. But it's very easy to set up a small network with a bunch of laptops in Munroe Fox if you're organised. GameSoc have a very long and varied history of running networking gaming for many years now.

Problem is you need a laptop in the first place.

Btw does that mean you have diablo 2 CD's? I lack the original D2 cd's but have the add-on. :(

I do. Play.com had them on special just before xmas. Something like buy 3 games for 20quid, so I got Diablo 2 + expansion + something else.

Can I nick them? *Pleading eyes*
Only for a few days enough time to install it.
i can GUARENTEE you that Charbonnel & Walker hot chocolate is Muuuuch nicer

I can also give you a recipe on how to make a Mocha to rival a Starbucks Mocha with said chocolate :))

But you don't know what brand I got :)

It's Green'n'Blacks. Don't think Tescos sell that brand you said and there is no way I'm walking to the nearest Sainsburys.

What is Mocha? I don't do hot drinks normally.