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Very sureal set of dreams last night. The first one had me playing some kind of game where I had to link two stretches of road(?) together, but was hampered by some river that also kept flowing towards where I was placing the road. Or at least that is how it seemed. I think there might have been a third thing getting in the way too.

The other dream was even more wierd. I was at a large mansion in New York and there was some kind of deadly survival game happening. And lots of wierd and stupidly supernatural folk were taking part. There was lots of running about and meeting this scary folk all the while being lead around by this Ford Prefect type character. Who turned into a woman part way through.

Annoyingly I woke up through the second one which was a shame as I was enjoying it.



yay for weired dreams, I had a dream that I was a singer who had to go undercover because I was being hunted as a rebel, but it was in fantasy land, you know knights etc...argh was strange

Sounds like you'd been reading too many Forgotten Realms books. They have quite a few books that have bards working as spies against evil. And if you haven't, then you should. Some of them are rather good :)

Not sure how many are in the library as they're by a whole variety of authors and I can't think of any off the top of my head.

that sounds like sister act :P the one with whoopi goldberg

It's a very tenious similiarity. Although with the way the US is regressing, it'll end up medievil soon enough. Certainly got most of the mentality and beliefs back that far :)