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Many many many moons ago, some of you may have remembered me mucking about with some kind of "tribal map" gizmo. Well after much painstaking banging my head against the keyboard, I think I've finally worked out how to visualise the data in a way that is vaguely meaningful and almost like how things are IRL.

So what does it all mean? Well like before the darkness/lightness of the names equates to how close that person is to the center of their tribe(s). The difference this time, is that I've also put in how many people have given someone a score and represented that by the size of the name. Small names means that only a couple of people are connected to them.

It's probably not perfect, but I think it's a great improvement on my previous attempts.


wow.. that's really interesting..

I don't think it's perfect yet. There should probably be a larger grouping of non-Runnymede cammies. But if I try and generate that, it ends up being at least 10000x10000 pixels in size.

I need to find a more compact circle placement algorithm rather than just placing them in a circle.

Bizarre. All of my friends appear to be in an inner orbit--the first orbit, if you will. Very few exceptions.

Yeah, see what I said to cryx previously. If the generated image wouldn't end up so big, you'd be in your own inner circle with die_fleiderhat. And then most of your common friends would be arrayed around you. I think working out a circle packing algorithm shouldn't be too tricky, so it should be possible to get the image size down to something sensible.

Our own inner circle? How romantic! :-)

Well you would expect to be in the same tribe surely? :)