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Back at work, but thankfully we seem to be easing into it nice and slowly. Which is good cos I was up 'til stupid o'clock messing around with the figures and numbers for TIL last year. I'm in "profit" by 100%. Mostly due to a very busy xmas. Probably a good idea to look at upgrading the server or something.

Just discovered that Camby uni's sci-fi soc has 5000 books. Something for IFIS to aim towards for their library. [EDIT] Blimey. Imperial has 6300 books. I think I'm going to stop looking at other sci-fi societies cos they're scaring me.[/EDIT]

Had a very good day of shopping and cinema which has perked me up. Saw "Just Like Heaven" which is pure sappyness as you'd expect from such a plot. Have many DVDs now from the MVC sale too.


Indeed. You have an account all setup, but you won't know the password unless you can read your Uni email? Cos I'm dumb and didn't think to set it up with your hotmail address.