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MVC closing down sale!!


heh heh heh
Erk! Are they all closing down or just your local branch?
All going - they called in the administrators a couple of weeks ago:
Indeed. My other manager told before xmas, so I've been waiting for this for a couple of weeks now.
Crikey. That means there won't be a record shop in Maidenhead at all :(
Which would be worth going to, if everything wasn't still cheaper at the HMV round the corner.
Nah. They are about the same. Just sometimes they differ on really old stuff and you can grab a bargain if you are prepared to check. Got the LotR trilogy cheaper in MVC that way.

Can't remember, but I think both stores were selling them for around 45quid each. Except of course that MVC has at least a 10% discount on all ticket prices, so I'd guess it'd be closer to 40quid.

Of course it depends on what series. I'd guess the latest seasons of Enterprise are still selling at the stupidly expensive price.

All box sets were 20% off when I was there picking up season 1 of the Twilight Zone last week.