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First off. A me-me. Fairly standard one. Ask me 6 questions. Anything goes. Bonus points for funny questions. Then re-post it yourself.

Today has been pretty uneventful. Bit more tinkering with the IFIS library based on peoples' feedback at the pub. Watched some very naff films on telly plus that Magic of Jesus program, which was very amusing and o_O. The water into wine, beer, coffee and vodka and orange was very good. Shame we won't have that party trick for NYE tomorrow.

In other me-me news, I did the slut test but apart it's pretty dull. The only score that is marginally note worthy is the "topless" one, but that's cos I still have corchen's old accounts friended still :D


1.what is your favourite plant and why?
2. on a scale of one to four what are your thoughts on the colour green?
3.whats up?
4What makes teflon stick?
5. Whats the speed of dark?
6.how many roads must a man walk down before you cna call him a man?
  1. I quite like roses. I have some growing in my garden and whilst I don't entirely know how to look after them properly, they seem to be doing quite well on their own. Even if they do appear to be starting on a path of world domination. But I've got the rosemary behemoth to keep them in check.
  2. 2
  3. Hopefully the sky. I've not looked outside yet to make sure it hasn't fallen down. Although if it has, I'd imagine darklittlefox and lucfia would have problems getting to Tescos.
  4. Love. Teflon loves metal. That is why they recommend you shouldn't use metal utensils with Teflon products as the Teflon might have second thoughts about sticking to the frying pan (or whatever) and decide that the fish slice might offer a more exciting lifestyle. But fish slices are very fickle so the relationship is doomed not to last very long.
  5. At least 299792458 metres per second. Darkness has to be at least the speed of light, otherwise when light moves away, there'd be a bit inbetween the darkness arriving that wasn't light or dark.
  6. I don't think it's the number rather than the total length. And any means of transportation to get him down those roads are fine as walking down roads is dangerous and you could get run over. So I'd guess at around 50miles.

PS you're up damn early for NYE