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OK, I'm back now.

I've returned laden down with books. Many many books. I'd guess at close to 200. All really old sci-fi that was going musty in my mum's garage. Still plenty of fantasy books left in there, but mum reads them. Or would if they weren't in the garage. Anyway, just need to tidy up my book shelves and then I can put them up.

So the other loot I got was a bunch of Black Adder DVD's, a Tori Amos album and a chess set. I've no idea why I got a chess set. It does seem pretty random. And strangely pyschic as it's just the right size for taking to GameSoc. And the "traditional" stamps and a Terry's Chocolate Orange.


Which Amos?

Scarlet's Walk

Ah, yes. The first of what I describe as the"pleasant enough" albums. If she hadn't married and had a baby girl, she'd still have her edge :-)

*grins* I quite liked it. Certainly better than listening to Eastenders or the other crap my sister was watching over Xmas.


Yes, stamps. For putting on envelopes and things. Got a book each of 1st and 2nd class stamps. It's my mum's attempt to make sure I send cards on time. Never works cos it's lack of memory not stamps that causes me to post them late.