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And on the seventh day...

Today has zoomed by. But in a good way. Had a nice early start going to the doctors and getting my ears checked out. Now I have lots of lovely drugs to take. Then I spent the rest of today working on a new online search/reservation system for the IFIS library. So far it's looking pretty nifty but I need some lovable guineapigs to try it out (*looks pointedly at doris and inquis as the nearest available librarians*)

Should get off butt and order food but don't know what. And put on a DVD. But again I don't know what. I hate having choices :)


Er...I don't have it.

See email with password details and stuff.

Since I am not a librarian, I don't see what use I can be.

Er...you're not a librarian? But you work at a library.

Anyway - you know the IFIS library

But you work at a library.

Which would make me a Library assistant. To be a librarian, one needs to be someone with a Masters degree Library Sciences and it also helps to be a member of CILIP (Chartered Institute for Library and Information Professionals). I am neither.

Unless you walk around the library wearing a t-shirt saying all that, I doubt anyone could tell the difference.

Anyway - I take it you're basically saying you don't want to have a nose and around and help spot anything majorly wrong with it?

The difference is that generally there is only one librarian in a library, the person in charge, the rest of the people are generally Assistant Librarians (qualifed) or Library Assistants (qualified).

I'm afraid I don't think I would be much use.