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Ow! I think that somehow alcohol is in some way related to my acheyearness. I just had a couple of pints with sea_cucumber and it's gone all ouchy again. *sulks* Luckily it didn't spoil a very nice evening with the gummy one. Her new place is so shiny and HUGE! I also briefly worried her landlady cos I'd arrived before sea_cucumber had got home from work and she know me and she wasn't sure if I was someone up to no good. But I think I managed to convince her I wasn't a mad axe murderer.

ION I swear reality wants me to get a certain song stuck in my head. As I was walking up the escalators someone behind me started humming something and immediately my brain pegged it as "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You". Which also got played at the wedding I was at recently. And at the disco at the stag do. I can't remember hearing it for ages before that. Whom ever my eyes are stuck to, can you please try removing them yourself as I apparently can't? I'd like them back :)

Tags: health, music, update
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