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Well I think the meal went well and everyone enjoyed themselves. Only thing that possibly went wrong is the money at the end. Failed utterly to stick to the plan so our attempts at looking good to the SU aren't going to work :(


Well the plan was, for everyone to pay me the food money and I'd pay the restaurant. Then I'd claim that back off IFIS and give them the money I was given to pay back in. So whilst they'd be withdrawing more money then was put in, the SU would see the society putting money in which is a Good Thing(tm)

That's fallen through cos the money I was given was a mixture of food and drink and it all ended up bypassing IFIS and going straight to the restaurant. But there was some membership monies paid, so that'll at least get paid in.

well you could always get a couple of hundred out your own account,pay that to the su and wait for them to pay you back (whenever...)

but probaably simpler to do the extraction. you'd have had to get everyones money upfront otherwise(which may have been better for nextr time, rather than a fiver deposit do the tenner that was what each was due)

Bit late to fix things as montysheep has already sorted the cheque out. Hopefully it doesn't work out to be more than it should have been. I got hopelessly confused as to how much money was going where by the end :(

But apart from the money gotcha I think it was pretty smoothy sailing though, so when we sort out the new committee I should probably pass over a "How To". I know this year's GameSoc committee benefitted greatly from having a good hand over from their predacessors.