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Soo..weekend update. Friday was wychboy's first bout of STing Requiem. Ended up in a jelly wrestling contest. Very close thing but unfortunately lost. Not entirely a bad thing as it means I don't have to host a court in the near future. Some of the female characters wanted to join in but do it nekkid. Which annoyed the Prince (boo hiss!). So we moved it to well out of sight and he still had a hissy fit. You'd think his competition to win a whore for a month was somehow more important?

Saturday I did various things, like checking out how Things I Love was doing. This year I'm actually making a profit! W00t! Then I went to another Requiem game - this time with nekkid ladies wrestling in mud. Same pair as the night before in fact.

Sunday wrote the creature egg layer gizmo and then went to fight practice. Had a quick bout but mostly watched. Then over to HoP and saw nuuki's new xbox, played a horribly dark FPS on it and then spent the rest of the evening playing board games and watching scary old fantasy movies.


Damn right it was more important. You can wrestle in mud anytime of year. I only host this competition once a year!
/snooty voice.

Yeah, but your prize was just some slapper - hardly worth the effort. Can get women like that for free :)

You make it seam like you don’t like the prince!
Out of sight…. Yes a well lit Car park with over 50 security officers can be that….

But it was quite fun was … thanks for been the evil nemeses to the Good Dr