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My life is gone. I've discovered they've released a free version of Creatures for Linux. It's only a very tiny world to play in, but I can make more areas for my happy-go-lucky Norns to play in. And I need more breeds too. And all kinds of snazzy gizmos for them to play with.

Although what I really really really really want is a item that when activated makes a Norn egg. One that a Norn could use. Obviously Norns produce eggs by themselves...when they love each very much. But I want to see what how they'd react to be able to create more friends whenever they wanted.



By all accounts C1 was a lot more fun cos you could teach the Norn what things were called? Where as in C3 they seem to have a restricted dictionary.

But I've just worked out where the words are stored, so I might have a go at changing them. Muahahahahaha. Smutty Norn pr0n speak!

You are a bad bad man. XD

And yeah, I recall hearing that some stuff in the later Creatures games was hardcoded. :o

Don't blame them in some ways. It provides a uniform user interface that won't confuse the support team.

"Hi, my Norns are acting crazy - they keep trying to eat the dildos."
"I'm sorry ma'am - there aren't any dildos in the game."
"Sure there are - I taught the Norns that the musical instruments were called dildos...."

And you wouldn't want a small child to start playing that game either.