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I saw something on the way to work, which I really really really hope is better in context. In Tescos I saw some kind of display set up a little way off and the only text really visible from where I was standing was "Enter your mum now". Um...right.

I'm feeling quite pleased at how well organising the xmas dinner has gone so far. I'm probably jinxing it by saying this though. Bet next week will be like herding cats trying to get everyone to the restaurant on time too :)

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Enter Your Mum Now

I think it's for some sort of "Mum of the Year" awards, but yes, it is odd. Some clever person posted it on the internet a few days ago with the headline "Tesco endorses incest!" hehehe :D

Re: Enter Your Mum Now

I'm surprised I hadn't noticed sooner then - I get breakfast from them every morning. Probably been half asleep or something.

I thought I'd said. It's next Wednesday at 8pm. But I'd imagine we'll be meeting up at a pub somewhere first.