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Saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the first time yesterday. It's a lot better than the old one. I can't remember the book very well, but I'd say it's a lot closer than the far too sugary Gene Wilder version. Ronald Dalh's books were always a little dark and quirky and the old singing and dancing one was waaaaay too bright and cheerful.

Somehow managed to forget I was meant to be doing darklittlefox's game. No idea when it was arranged, but I went into auto pilot and pootled up the hill ladened down with games to play at GameSoc instead. They spent some of their budget on Saturday and now have Puerto Rico! w00t! I tried showing it to people but we ran out of time. But I think people were enjoying it so maybe next week I'll start a bit earlier and we'll finish a game.


Spread the love of Puerto Rico!

There was also that game that I can't spell that we played the other day. But it wasn't the hunter/gatherer one, it was some strange version involving cities and roads. Didn't really get on with it as well cos I didn't understand the scoring and I lost massive *sulks*

That sounds like the original version of Carcassone, which is quite different. It does have several interesting looking expansions though, which tempts me to pick it up even though I've already got one version of the game...