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I had copious amounts of booze last night. I think I might have had 3.5 pints. It might have been 4.5. I kinda lost track. Mostly cos I kept putting my pint down and wandering off and then having trouble remembering where I left it only to discover that I'd put it down cos it was empty.

Unlike some other people who were there though, I do not have a hangover! Muahahahahhaha. *munches cake*

Today I will be mostly "offline" as I'll be building shiny new computers for a top secret project that I don't know anything about yet, cos it's top secret and I'm not allowed to know. Still, at least I'll be doing something towards it...I think...*shrugs/boggles/sighs*

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Fie on you, you smug git. XD
There did seem to be a lot of cheerful wandering round, picking up empty glasses and going, 'Oh well, I suppose that was mine then!' :)

Pah. I wasn't quite that bad.

You drunk sir

That's all you are, but felt good at the time.

Best of luck with the secret project, my secret project is not telling the line manager about something.

Derek :)