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Had a very b'zzare dream last night. Or maybe it was two - sometimes it's hard to tell in the cold harsh morning light. I distinctly remember driving a car initially and then parking it near a shop whilst noseynick went inside to buy stuff. And then randomly I had my bike there too, but I couldn't put it in the car, so I propped it up against some railings. noseynick came out at that point and gave me something to tie it up with too.

I can't remember how but I then ended up back in halls, except it was not like any halls of residence I'd ever seen except in films set in US unis. I shared an apartment type thing with some other student who I didn't really recognise. We'd both been entered in to some kind of gameshow and we were sent back to our rooms to put on bathing apparel. I briefly popped in to the bathroom and the sink was full of water only to then mysteriously empty. As I passed through the lounge I noticed a puddle of water on the floor. Slap bang in the middle was a penny. There was a leak in the ceiling above, so I swapped the penny for a pint glass.

I've no idea what the gameshow was about - they'd converted part of the halls into some kind of water/jungle/aztec arena. A bit like that thing Cheggars did naked that time. The only bit I remember about it was being chased by 4 very fake looking snakes who I managed to distract with my duvet. And then I confronted the female producer of the show who I'd been initially getting fiesty with that she was secretly using the show for diabolic/criminal activities. Which she admitted and she was captured. And everyone else fled out of the fake studio avoiding all the fake snakes.

Found myself back in a bathroom somewhere and for no apparent reason decided to dismantle the cold tap. Which resulted in water just flowing out. So I put it back together again.

I think I'm with everyone else about this yucky cold weather. I think the worst part is walking along slippery frost covered pavements. This shoes/boots just have no grip *sulk*

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