maddy (themadone) wrote,

Well that's another weekend over and done with. On Saturday I went out on the town for a stag night. We drank lots. Went to a comedy club. The acts gave me a mixed response to their routines. Sometimes they'd be funny, sometimes they just fell flat on their faces. Overall though I think I laughed more than I didn't. And then since we'd no chance of getting the last train home, myself and noseynick stayed for the dancing. Lots of old skool tracks to dance to. And then we took the groom home and crashed at his place. His fiancee was muchly amused at the drunken state he was in.

Sunday I fought the evil vikings and their stupidly scheduled engineering works to get home. Thankfully made it with enough time for a brief spod and freshen up before heading back out again for fight practice. So many students visiting parents this weekend. It's something I doubt I'll ever understand. Afterwards I pootled over to House of Plot for some board gaming and was taught a new game whose name I can't remember how to spell but it began with C and was about hunting and gathering.

Had a scary moment on the tube home on Sunday. I was looking at my reflection in the window opposite and I realised how much I look like my father. Eeep.

Tags: horror, partying, update
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