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Well that went surprisingly well. People enjoyed themselves. Got the end result I wanted. Managed to kill one PC too. But they got better :)

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Well it was soft roleplay and I wasn't using rules, so it wasn't like I killed anyone properly. That'll be next month when uveron's character first shows up ;)

I will not kill any one.... and if you kill him... well i will not be best pleased… but He’s Nice a Nice person… not evil like the good Dr at all… Very nice so he gain raise a army of the dead… but that doest make him evil, he just wants to create a free and equal communist society where every one has rights , whether they are Alive or Undead!
And brain rape the special needs girl ;)
No brain rape from Mage... that be a good Dr thing

I'm just going by what you and others have said you have planned. Not my fault you're giving everyone the impression that you're playing yet another evil character ;)

But...but death magic is so cool!