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Grrr...I hate domain squatters. One has just gone in and nabbed gamesoc.org.uk. Now admittedly now that the society is hosting the site on the SU webserver there wasn't much need for me to get it, but it's the principle of the thing. I do at least have some vague plans and a design for a gaming related website/resource.

Anyhow. Now that I've actually managed to increase my combat skills, Urban dead is actually getting to become vaguely playable. I've managed to get enough XP to afford another skill, although I've no idea what yet.

Ate pizza and watched Rome with darklittlefox last night. Today the IT dept. have been giving everyone black coffee mugs as part of some kind of appriecation day. Tonight is the pub - w00t. Tomorrow is my first Awakening game *eep*


Oh yeah, I don't know if you found out already but I think the Chaffin building got overrun today?
Graaiiins is now locking posts which declare locations after we've got people handing out the lj address for all and sundry to read on where we're all holed up.

I'd noticed the baracade had fallen again and someone said there was a zombie, but by the time I'd refreshed it'd been killed. I think for the moment the building is probably fairly safe as there hasn't been a concerted effort to attack it yet. At least not as bad as the nearby hospitals.

There was indeed rumour of that happening though.

Well I'm almost up to enough AP to move out, so I'll probably spend the "night" holed up somewhere else.