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I gave in and bought The Sims 2 for the PS2 at lunchtime. I managed to resist for all of about 5 seconds having seen it sitting on the shelf. How weak am I?

On the printer front I'm wondering whether it'd just be easier to get a USB PC card, but the problem then, is finding a card that fits into the right slots. Cos I have no idea what a PCI slot looks like compared to, for example, an ISA slot. And if the PC I'm trying to fit the card into doesn't have any PCI slots, well I wouldn't know any different. Bah. Maybe it would be easier to just get a new PC too. Or just plug the printer into my laptop on those brief occassions I need to print something.

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They did when I got my network card :D

Very weak. And you can't tell the slots apart? Very bad for the tech fu, grasshopper.

I don't do hardware - I'm a software geek :D

Plus it probably doesn't help that I probably don't actually own a PC that is new enough to have PCI slots ;)