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Back at work. Feel very drained, but then having not eaten much the past day or so that is probably understandable. Have a 4th character sheet and more importantly an online character sheet editor that with a bit more tweaking should work with the Cam website. And then ultimate power will be mine! muahuahahahahahahaah. Or something. Should certainly make my life easier when I start the game next.

Tomorrow I'm going to buy a printer. Anyone have any recommendations? The only requirement I have is that it uses the parallel port rather than USB, cos that is the only connection available. I expect going into PC World mentioning parallel ports will lead to many blank looks from the untrained monkeys they have as staff so I figure getting some recommendations from you lot (who at least have brains) will give me a headstart.


*grins* Actually I thought it was muppethex

I do have a perfectly adequate and working printer. It's only flaws are that it's very very noisy and slow. And more importantly it's no longer supported for replacement ink doodahs. Which is why I want to get a brand new one cos then I can be assured that I'll be able to get new ink doodahs for the next few years.

The model I mentioned above I think should suit me just fine based on what I can see about it. Probably need to see if I can find any sites that review printers to see if there are any glaring issues with it.