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Back at work. Feel very drained, but then having not eaten much the past day or so that is probably understandable. Have a 4th character sheet and more importantly an online character sheet editor that with a bit more tweaking should work with the Cam website. And then ultimate power will be mine! muahuahahahahahahaah. Or something. Should certainly make my life easier when I start the game next.

Tomorrow I'm going to buy a printer. Anyone have any recommendations? The only requirement I have is that it uses the parallel port rather than USB, cos that is the only connection available. I expect going into PC World mentioning parallel ports will lead to many blank looks from the untrained monkeys they have as staff so I figure getting some recommendations from you lot (who at least have brains) will give me a headstart.


I have a spare Canon BJ30 if you want.

Otherwise to get a parallel port printer I recommend going second hand.

Ebay 4 teh win?

Can't be that bad surely? Whilst most modern PCs come with USB ports, they still come with parallel ports too and there are plenty of other things to stick in them.

Ideally I need it before next Thursday as I'd like to print off peoples' character sheets and various plot notes. Which admittedly I could do on my aging dot matrix printer, but I'd have to start on Monday to have a chance of finishing in time :)

Surely that's what work printers are for?

I think they'd probably notice. It's not like my job involves me printing anything ever, so printing off a dozen or so pages once a month is going to get noticed eventually.

Confusingly PC world seems to have plenty of parallel cables but doesn't seem to find any printers. It does have a USB/Parallel convertor but that appears to be for connecting a parallel printer to a USB port rather than the other way around.

After much cursing and swearing at the slow loading times of PC World, I've found a model that has a parallel port interface.

The Epson D88 Desktop Printer.

Not sure I can be arsed struggling through to find any others.