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So, rest of weekend? Well I got up stupidly late on Sunday and given that it was bucketing down with rain, I cheated and got a taxi up the hill. Meant I had plenty of time to get food, but had to wait outside in the rain for a bit. Hurrah for uber-mega-mecha umbrella (of xwingredleader eyeball poking). Didn't get to fight though. Can't wait for the society to get more swords.

Afterwards I pootled over to HoP to sort out my Unknown Armies character. Mostly I played card games though as the process took a long time for each character as we're all new to the system and we need to come up with ideas. So much so, that my character still isn't sorted out and I need to think of stuff some more. But I'm liking the basic ideas so far.

Couldn't sleep at all, although there are blank spots in my memory of staring at the ceiling, so I guess I must have drifted off at some point. Only to wake up at 4ish. And then again at 6. Luckily I seem to be in a state of yawning a lot rather than dozing off. But then I also appear to have a tiny seedling of a headache forming.

Looking nervously forward to GameSoc tonight. I'm hopefully doing character gen for my Awakening game next week *eep*



There reasoning makes sense. The implementation doesn't. Vampires are around for 100s of years, but are slow to adapt. So they get a low monthly cap but lots at creation. The opposite is the case for mages, mortals and garou.

What they really want is some kind of XP/year alive kind of thing. With vampires having a low per year amount, but they'd get loads for being around for ages. And mages having a higher per year amount, but that's balanced out by their shorter life spans. But it'd never work cos everyone would go for really old characters.