maddy (themadone) wrote,

On reflection yesterday's post was a big fat lie. Not intentional mind you. I'd just forgotten a whole load of stuff I could have posted about. I've already mentioned the crapness of Tops Pizza. But I left out the really b'zzare dream I had.

I woke up at home to find it a bright and sunny day judging by the light streaming in through the windows. I bimbled about the place and then rather unusually, I put on the news and discovered that there had been loads of flooding that night. At which point I paniced and looked outside to discover that there was water as far as I could see. Out the otherside of the house I could see the British coastline disappearing off into the horizon. Some how my house had been washed away and was floating out to sea.

Cue much more panicing as I desperately and utterly failed to call someone before I lost signal. I'm not sure how long I was afloat, but I then some how ended up on a beach in the US. No-one seemed to notice that there was a house beached on the shore. And then confusingly commlal shows up.

I could have mentioned I'd watched Rome and I also saw a program called Rough Science that had a female scientist with the amusing and strangely apt name Hermione Cockburn.

Anyway. Pub last night was great fun. The chips were good this week or at least the chip butty I made was good. Not entirely sure why some weeks they're not good. I could have done with another layer of chips though. But dunking it into the gravy from my pie was a good plan too. Enjoyed the floor show - maybe next week we could get J and inquis some jelly and a swimming pool to fight in?

Stayed up stupidly late working on a webbased character sheet editor. I'm quite pleased with how it's shaping up - now I just need to integrate it into the cam website somehow.

Tags: dreams, geekery, pub, update
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