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Hurrah for SWT

As odd as it may sound, but I'm actually thankful for the next batch of SWT strikes. On the way back from breakfast, I casually asked my boss what I should do when they happened and he said "work from home". Now, I'd be fine with doing that, but of course I've moved home (ok - almost moved home) so the ADSL is no longer available. When I pointed this out, he said "oh, have we not sorted that out for you yet?" and proceeded to take me to his office so I could fill in the application form. So, because of the strikes, I'm going to get ADSL again. Hopefully by next week.


Huzzah! Congratulations.

Not that I understand AT ALL what ADSL is....
Ah! Thank you. It makes sense now.

Sorry. I thought I'd ranted enough about the joys of having ADSL by now that everyone would know what it meant.

but i have to tell clients no you can`t use an adsl line with this software it won`t work sorry!
when your sitting there thinking yes its fantastic!

Er...I can't see any reason why it wouldn't work with ADSL. It provides the same type of connection as a normal modem but at a much faster rate. The only problem I can think of is firewall related?


yes and we can`t support it for that reason hey we can`t get our software to work on a macintosh but clients can