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Didn't get to see Batman Begins last night as it turns out plans had changed and we saw something random again. Ghostbusters in fact. Then I was a very Happy Man at the Happy Man as they stock red Aftershock. So I had a double of that and amused the students with my many faces of pain as I drank it. Turn out is getting slightly better - we managed at least 7 people this week. I think starting the voting sooner rather than later would improve that too.

Have decided that Urban dead thing is a big fat waste of time. Chances of me finding a tasty human to snack on is very slim. By the time I find someone, I've run out of action points so I can't do much damage to them. When I come back later they've already fled.


Best place to hide for a zombie is in a big crowd of other zombies. I think you're first on the list then but if others come along... you're not. If the crowd gets big enough behind you you've a fair chance (less than 50% though) of not dying.

Hitting barricades is pointless though, it doesn't get you XP, better to look for open buildings or just attack other zombies.

Hitting baracades isn't pointless. If no-one hits them, then the survivors will be able to keep building them up and remain safe. Destroying them means that you can get inside and eat the people hiding in there.

Open buildings aren't likely to have people inside of them unless they've recently had their baracades destroyed. Usually everyone inside has already been eaten. I've only found about 4 people in the past week and apart from one person, they've all fled at the first chance they got.

Hitting other zombies isn't in character :)