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Didn't get to see Batman Begins last night as it turns out plans had changed and we saw something random again. Ghostbusters in fact. Then I was a very Happy Man at the Happy Man as they stock red Aftershock. So I had a double of that and amused the students with my many faces of pain as I drank it. Turn out is getting slightly better - we managed at least 7 people this week. I think starting the voting sooner rather than later would improve that too.

Have decided that Urban dead thing is a big fat waste of time. Chances of me finding a tasty human to snack on is very slim. By the time I find someone, I've run out of action points so I can't do much damage to them. When I come back later they've already fled.


I eventually found a revivication syringe but it took me ages to find. If its a one shot wonder (I'm about to find out) then really you can't do that since survivors who want to be zombies can either jump out of a building or stand in the street to get killed. Its a big waste.


Hmm still don't know as it didn't work. I got a message saying:
"Revivification has no effect on the recently dead."
So clearly you have to wait a bit before it will work.

Or maybe that was a person who started as a zombie?

Nope even people who start as zombies can be revivified, there's a zombie skill that you can buy so as not to be revivified....