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Didn't get to see Batman Begins last night as it turns out plans had changed and we saw something random again. Ghostbusters in fact. Then I was a very Happy Man at the Happy Man as they stock red Aftershock. So I had a double of that and amused the students with my many faces of pain as I drank it. Turn out is getting slightly better - we managed at least 7 people this week. I think starting the voting sooner rather than later would improve that too.

Have decided that Urban dead thing is a big fat waste of time. Chances of me finding a tasty human to snack on is very slim. By the time I find someone, I've run out of action points so I can't do much damage to them. When I come back later they've already fled.


colour me interested for play testing if either of you get it off the ground :)

Not really given anythought to playerbase sizes. I suspect it'd be a good idea if I had a small playerbase though. Because I want "resting" PCs to have some level of automation. So if someone does get attacked by a zombie, they don't just stand there and take it.

Maybe this is a topic for conversation over email or a pint at some point in the future?