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Didn't get to see Batman Begins last night as it turns out plans had changed and we saw something random again. Ghostbusters in fact. Then I was a very Happy Man at the Happy Man as they stock red Aftershock. So I had a double of that and amused the students with my many faces of pain as I drank it. Turn out is getting slightly better - we managed at least 7 people this week. I think starting the voting sooner rather than later would improve that too.

Have decided that Urban dead thing is a big fat waste of time. Chances of me finding a tasty human to snack on is very slim. By the time I find someone, I've run out of action points so I can't do much damage to them. When I come back later they've already fled.


Yes, that sounds very likely. You start off with one of the zombie skills which in-game created zombies don't get.

I'm almost tempted to write my own sort of zombie survival game, but make it more geared towards people who can't play 24x7.

but you can't play UrbanDead 24x7. You can only play once every 24 hours by my reckoning. 50 x 1/2 hour = 25 hours - which means that you only get your full quota of AP's once a day.

Well you could return more frequently and make use of whatever APs you have at the time. Playing once every 24 hours does increase the chances that you return to find yourself dead in an unprotected building. Which is pretty much what happened to me.

I only play once every 24 hours. Sure my zombies are usually dead, but once I have anklegrab (one does now) that only means a cost of 1 AP.
My survivor has not yet died.
Metagaming (i.e. joining a group) is the way forward.

I tend to play once every few hours if I'm at a computer. It means that if I have found a poor hapless fool to munch on, that I can get a few hits in before he returns and flees from me.

Whilst I think joining a group is indeed the way forward, I think it's against the whole spirit of the game. Any groupings should be formed within the game itself.

One of the things I've also noticed, is that people keep coming up to me and doing a DNA scan. Clearly they're looking for their friends to revive, but I'd have thought converting all the zombies back to humans would be a good way forward?

I eventually found a revivication syringe but it took me ages to find. If its a one shot wonder (I'm about to find out) then really you can't do that since survivors who want to be zombies can either jump out of a building or stand in the street to get killed. Its a big waste.


Hmm still don't know as it didn't work. I got a message saying:
"Revivification has no effect on the recently dead."
So clearly you have to wait a bit before it will work.

Or maybe that was a person who started as a zombie?

Nope even people who start as zombies can be revivified, there's a zombie skill that you can buy so as not to be revivified....
colour me interested for play testing if either of you get it off the ground :)

Not really given anythought to playerbase sizes. I suspect it'd be a good idea if I had a small playerbase though. Because I want "resting" PCs to have some level of automation. So if someone does get attacked by a zombie, they don't just stand there and take it.

Maybe this is a topic for conversation over email or a pint at some point in the future?

Yes you start with Vigour Mortis = +10% to hit with all non-weapon attacks.

I think its easier to play a survivor though, with careful AP management.
Start as a firefighter (+15% to hit with an axe.)
Spend say 40 of your 50 AP looking for and hitting zombies. Then spend the remaining 10 looking for a building which is strongly barricaded. Sure it might get knocked down, but that's a risk you gotta take and it doesn't happen very often. The trick to it is avoiding police stations and hospitals which are popular zombie targets. Factories, pubs and Necrotech buildings are usually good choices.

If you buy free running early on you can move from a building to one which is heavily barricaded which is much less likely to be knocked down.

Finally as a survivor join up as a group - you're much more likely to survive with others who can repel zombie attacks, come out and rescue you etc. As a group holding a building you can attack nearby zombies and alert others to ones you couldn't kill when you return (it only takes 1AP to speak and you can type as much as you want).

I've got to level 4 with my survivor, and 3 or so with one of my zombies.
The most annoying thing about being a zombie is headshot which only happens when you're above level 1.
Yes, but even as a high level blokey that can happen, Free running doesn't allow you to enter heavy buildings, just to cross from one building to another if they're adjacent or diagonal.

I have a revivication syringe if you want me to revive you back to human?
Oh well just me that finds its simplicity its most endearing feature.

It's just on the wrong side of "simple" to be annoying. My experience so far has been that I spend most of my time wandering about until I find something to do. Like hitting a weak baracade or a person. I then start attacking whatever it is until I run out of APs. When I next come back I find that whatever I was doing before isn't feasible or possible. Like the person I was attacking has run away, or someone else has come along, destroyed the baracade and eaten everyone inside already.

It's simplistic enough that I'd be as better off writing a script to automate the whole thing.

Best place to hide for a zombie is in a big crowd of other zombies. I think you're first on the list then but if others come along... you're not. If the crowd gets big enough behind you you've a fair chance (less than 50% though) of not dying.

Hitting barricades is pointless though, it doesn't get you XP, better to look for open buildings or just attack other zombies.

Hitting baracades isn't pointless. If no-one hits them, then the survivors will be able to keep building them up and remain safe. Destroying them means that you can get inside and eat the people hiding in there.

Open buildings aren't likely to have people inside of them unless they've recently had their baracades destroyed. Usually everyone inside has already been eaten. I've only found about 4 people in the past week and apart from one person, they've all fled at the first chance they got.

Hitting other zombies isn't in character :)