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Life seems to be turning very much into a Choose Your Adventure book. Except unlike such books, I can't look ahead to find out what the various options will lead to. Not that I ever read such books with all my fingers marking various pages, oh no. *looks shifty*

Anyway, this weekend I picked the following. Friday I decided rather than doing darklittlefox's modern mystic game to stay at home and try and sort out some NPCs for my mage game (aieee!! 2 weeks to go). This was (thankfully) not then followed with heading in to work at 2am to do a major systems upgrade, so I managed to get plenty of sleep.

Saturday I didn't go to the re-enactment market, or go shopping, or go see Serenity again. I instead slobbed about until urizen reminded me we were putting people up, so I did some tidying up that I probably should have done ages ago. Including moving darklittlefox's PC out from the middle of the floor - we have a floor again!

Then there was a great and fun halloween party. Lots of people were missing which was a shame, but there were lots of other cool people there too. My costume was widely admired. My gore drenched hockey mask & chainsaw were put to good effect answering the door. Although the effect was mildly ruined by izzy_stradlin walking in and turning on all the lights.

Sunday I spent the morning fixing a load of affiliate stuff for TIL. Then I chose to get lunch from Favourite Chicken rather than the pub on the way up to fight practice. Had a few bouts. Definitely need a lot of practice. No bruises yet thankfully. Spent the rest of the evening finishing off stuff for TIL and then listening to cryx's dulcet tones as the imps scurried around in Dungeon Keeper.

The rest of the week is going to be pretty packed and filled with decisions about what I do too. I think I'm almost prefer it when I had nothing to do. I don't like making decisions :)



I know, but she didn't have to turn the light on straight away? cryx and barty lost the effect as they came through the door.

In my day it was considered lucky if you fell over and broke an ankle to the sound of a cackling hocky mask wearing maniac!!!!!

People these days don't know they are born!
I know what you mean about the 'choose your own adventure' thing!
Hell yeah! You weren't done till you'd read every single ending, even the one where the three-horned zetkgees took over the planet.